Sep 21 2021


Data capture methods may vary depending on the information being captured. For instance, collecting data from an email is a different process than scanning in paper form.


The manual keying of data is one method of data capture. This process involves hand-typing the data; although many businesses still outsource data entry to companies with trained data entry experts, this process isn't the most efficient, as you might imagine.

Due to technological advancement, humans have been successful in getting handwritten data converted into machine readable form without wasting much time and cost.


Here are some of the best data capturing methods that businesses are using to capture data in 2021.


  1. Automated Identification and  Data Capture (AIDC)
  2. Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)
  3. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  4. Optical Mark Reader (OMR)
  5. Web Data Capture.
  6. Digital Forms.
  7. Barcode/QR Code recognition




In case you’ve ever asked yourself the above question, know that businesses rely on more data than ever before, and all aspects of doing business have changed due to big data.


That means you need to work harder to accomplish things each day unless you approach it properly; by automating the data capture process, financial and organizational processes will be sped up, as they will not require as much manual input.





Discover some of the major advantages of data entry automation and how it can help your business thrive, in a data controlled business environment.



The loss of revenue from a business downtime is common in this Internet age. As a result, more and more businesses are expected to conduct their daily activities over the internet all the time these days. Adding orders, making reservations, sending shipping orders, and sending assembly instructions. When any of these are unavailable online, a business suffers.


Businesses in today's digital economy face great pressure to be always online because there is so much competition. The revenue that an organization may lose by becoming offline for just a few minutes depends on its size. You also lose your reputation on top of that.


You can automate more than your paperwork with data capture automation. Additionally, it automatically creates backups of your data;thereby helping you create a database of well analysed information and this will prevent you from losing important documents.



You can save a lot of time by using an automated data capture in your data processing methods, instead of a hard copy. The access to information can be made much easier since most of the information is online and is accessible through a Smartphone or any other device.


Manual data entry is time-consuming and inefficient for a number of reasons. In order to ensure the data gets to the right department, it needs to be sorted and identified first. The data must then be entered by someone. That doesn't even account for human errors and their associated costs.


Furthermore, data capture automation checks for data accuracy; thereby reducing the workload for management. They should only be notified about inaccurate invoices.



It is tedious to enter data manually. Additionally, for those employees who are required to fill out forms manually, the situation is also frustrating. This causes them to feel undervalued and underutilized.


A monotonous, repetitive job is mentally draining. Employee morale and accuracy are negatively affected by this.



When you’re processing big data manually, there’s bound to be errors and errors cost money and time.

Eliminating errors is one of the top reasons to adopt data capture automation if you haven’t already. Automatic Data capture greatly reduces errors, so your organization can focus on more important things.




With the use of automation, everyone on the team is on the same page; In addition, everyone who has access can use the same resources.


A cloud-based data capture solution takes advantage of automatic data capture. It ensures that every data collected and files processed are always accessible to everyone with access. It also makes sure they are easily searchable and organizable.



Automated data capture has many benefits, and this is a brief overview. Almost everything we do today is automated thanks to all the advances in technology.


If you're still processing data with paper documents and keying in big data manually, it's time to update. There are so many better ways to capture the information your business needs.


A data capture can help you mine data that is not currently being captured; giving you the chance to analyze data. Businesses and clients alike benefit from a lower error rate and faster processing time.


Experience the results for yourself by getting on board today!










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